Timileyin Sanya
Timileyin Sanya


Timileyin Sanya, popularly called Timitibility is a young entrepreneur who has the zeal to make a positive change in the fashion world. He’s here to share with us about himself to how much he has grown in the course of running his bracelets business.


Let’s meet Timi

Bfocus: Tell us about yourself


My name is Timileyin Sanya, I’m the Creative Director, TIMI bracelets and accessories. A graduate of the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta. I’m a lover of photography, a petrol head and I love arts.


Bfocus: Tell us about your very first business venture, what was it like, going into business the first time?


My very first business was bracelet making and is still one of the businesses I do till date. Going into business for the first time was a little bit challenging as I hadn’t gained some skills I needed but over time I was fine.

Timileyin Sanya_bracelets

Bfocus: How much have you grown from where you started?


The brand has really grown from when we started in 2014, our products have a better finishing and more attention is being paid to the detailing, the packaging has also improved tremendously over the years, I remember we started with nylon, fast forward to now, the products come in handcrafted boxes.


Timibracelets_handcraft boxes
handcrafted boxes

Bfocus: What is the most outstanding moment in your life as an entrepreneur?


A lot of outstanding moments have come with starting this brand, I have been called to events to speak, I have granted a number of interviews, I have had the opportunity to meet and work for a number of celebrities, I have met the likes of Timi Dakolo, Vector, Reekado Banks, Sonnie Badu, Amin Ameen (everythingnaart) it’s really a long list. Meeting Timi Dakolo was really a moment for me, same as when I met Debola Williams (convener of the Future Awards Africa), another moment was when I made custom bracelets for Ali Baba for his January 1st concert.


Bfocus: And the most disappointing time?


The most disappointing time can really not be traced to a particular moment and I believe that can be said of a number of businesses in Nigeria, disappointments would always come. They are like part of the business and you must be always prepared for it. To be specific, some of the disappointments we have faced are mostly from the delivery companies; when they fail to deliver to the client on time.


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Bfocus: What was going through your mind when going into your business? What burning issues did you hope to address?


I wouldn’t even start with saying I wanted to provide jobs, make impacts and all. As much as those are part of the plan now, having an extra source of income asides what I got from my parent was the major propeller.


Bfocus: Do you think our young people have done enough to live up to their full entrepreneurial potentials?


To this question, I’d say a big yes. As much a lot of young people in Nigeria have been found in fraud and all sorts of whatnots, we would also find a lot of young Nigerians into legitimate businesses trying to make ends meet, trying to make a change.


Bfocus: What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs in Nigeria?


Entrepreneurship is a different ball game in Nigeria, to be frank, the environment isn’t really friendly and there’s no remedy for the major problem in starting a business which is capital, so to the young entrepreneurs, I would say start with whatsoever you have and build your brand as the years pass by. One thing I also always say is that persistence is key. Most young people want to see their rewards instantly and it really never happens that way.

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Bfocus: What are your vision and mission?


Vision is to be one of the best fashion accessory brands to come out of Nigeria.

The mission is to produce top-notch handmade fashion accessories that complement a wide range of fashion styles and trends. We are Timi bracelets and accessories.

Bfocus: What are your products and where can people find them?


Currently, the products available are beaded and woven bracelets, we are looking to expand very soon to make other fashion accessories.

No physical stores yet, we offer nationwide delivery, all processes are carried out online from start to finish.


Below are Timibracelets social media handles

Facebook Timibracelets

Instagram Timibracelets

Twitter Timibracelets

WhatsApp line is 09070122448


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