30 Uncommon Ways to Increase Your Leadership Effectiveness.


To b successful as a leader, you have to ensure your effectiveness on those you lead and the environments around you.


In this post, I’m going to show you the uncommon 30 ways you can increase your leadership effectiveness.


These 30 ways are categorized into:

  • 7 ways to attract followership.


  • 7 ways to take charge in a crisis or high-risk situations.


  • 7 actions to develop your leadership charisma.


  • 4 ways to build leadership self-confidence.


  • 5 action steps to motivate those you lead.


With my own calculation, 7+7+7+4+5 = 30 ways to increase your leadership effectiveness.

7 Ways to Attract Followership.


  1. Make others feel important: People will voluntarily follow you, not when you make yourself feel important but when you make them feel important to you and to themselves.


  1. Promote your vision: You must have a clear idea where you want to take the group you are leading to. No one will follow you simply because you decide you want to lead. Have a blueprint of where you are leading them to. Promote the goal and convince those you lead that it is worth accomplished.


  1. Treat others as you would be treated yourself. Of course, you wouldn’t want to follow a leader who treated you poorly, and neither would anyone else do that for you if you refused to treat them the way you will love to be treated.


  1. Take responsibility for your actions and the actions of those you lead: If those you lead failed, it is your fault as a leader; you have to take the responsibility. Never push the blame to any of your followers, their success is your success likewise their failure is your failure. If you don’t take responsibility for your actions and the actions of those you lead, you are no longer a leader.


  1. Praise in public, criticize in private: If any of your followers have earned your praise, let everyone know about it. If otherwise earned your ire, let only that person know about it. By doing that, you are truly a leader.


  1. See and be seen: As a leader, you’ve got to know what is really going on around you, to fix what’s wrong, and to capitalize on what is right. This is also the only way those you lead can be sure you’re for real.


  1. Use competition to make a striving game: Competition is the secret of unbelievable achievements in all activities. It is the secret of successful products from sports to games. Use competition as a positive force to reach your goals.


7 Ways to Take Charge in a Crisis or High-Risk Situations.


  1. Establish your objective at once: If you no destination you are heading to, it is better you don’t be a leader. You can’t lead anywhere until you know where you want to go. As a leader, let your followers know the objective of where you going to at once.


  1. Communicate what you want to be done: Communication is crucial in leadership. Always ensure you communicate what you want to be done to those you lead. Never assume your followers know what to do. Do the communications in a way likely to get the attention of those you lead. Let them know the importance of what you want to be done.


  1. Act boldly: Timidity has no place in leadership. Leadership is not about being cautious. It is about taking risks. Act boldly to take charge of any risk or situation.


  1. Be decisive: One of the weaknesses of a good leader is indecisiveness. Don’t put off making decisions. Do it now!


12. Dominate the situation: One of the ways to Increase Your Leadership Effectiveness is to dominate any situation you find yourself.Never allow the situation to dominate you. You can do this by taking the initiative to ensure everything is taking care of.


  1. Lead by example: Ensure you make your credo “follow me.” Live by it. Whatever you want the solutions you come about to take charge of any crisis, be the first to implement it.


  1. Dump people who can’t do the job: Go for those you need not those who are available. Hire replacement fast… but do a thorough job of interviewing to minimize risk.


7 Actions to Develop Your Leadership Charisma.


  1. Show your commitment: To develop your leadership charisma, you have to commit to your missions. Charismatic leaders are committed to their goals. No retreat no surrender until the missions are accomplished!


  1. Look the part of your vision: Simply put is “be the focus” towards your vision. If you don’t, you start out with a disadvantage. If you do, it reinforces your commitment.


  1. Dream Big: Important leaders have important dreams. Dream big and always believe it is achievable.


  1. Keep moving toward your goals: Don’t hesitate to be moving toward your dreams. He who does that is lost, and so is everyone in the group.


  1. Do your homework: As a leader, you prepare ahead. You keep ahead by working while others rest. Doing your homework will let you know what likely to be the outcome of any action you want to take.


  1. Build a mystique: A charismatic leader have to be special in a mysterious and attractive way. Magicians have power because of the mystery they create. So do charismatic leaders.


  1. Use the indirect approach: Direct assault produces resistance. An indirect approach produces agreement.

leadership4 Ways to Build Leadership Self-Confidence.


  1. Become an uncrowned leader: Don’t wait until you are appointed a leadership position. Become a leader in situations where others don’t want to lead.


  1. Be an unselfish teacher and helper of others: Be ready to be of help and teach others whenever they need your help and are ready to accept it.


  1. Develop your expertise: Successful and effective leaders don’t know everything, but they need to know something. In other words, they know something about everything and know everything about something. Expertise is a source of leadership power.


  1. Use positive imagery: Build positive imagery in the mind of people. As a leader, when your name is mentioned in front of people, they should have a positive image of you in their minds. Simulations in the mind are rehearsals for success.


5 Action Steps to Motivate Those You Lead.


  1. Work on the important things first: Look for what is most important to you and work on it first. High pay, top benefits are nice, but they may not be the most important.


  1. Treat others with respect: A principle of reciprocity says, ‘respect is reciprocal.’ They won’t respect you if you don’t treat them with respect.


  1. Make the work interesting: Work needs to be fun. No one wants to get bored to death while working. Find out what interests your followers to be happy and inculcate it to your workforce. However, don’t be carried away with it. Be disciplined!


  1. Always give recognition for good work: To motivate those you lead, you need to give recognition for good work done by them. You should appreciate their efforts. Encourage them to do more. It’s more than the right thing to do, it is the leader’s duty.


  1. Give those you lead an opportunity to develop their skills: More important, those you lead also have their dreams. A leader helps followers to achieve their dreams. Give a room to your followers to develop their skills. Skill builds pride. They will never forget you to be a successful and effective leader to them.

With the above 30 ways to Increase Your Leadership Effectiveness, you should be able to improve your leadership experience with your followers.

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